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Douchebag Workout

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Douchebag Workout is one of the best workout simulator games ever seen. It is composed of stunning graphics as well as very many amazing details and awesome gameplay that accompany the process of playing. This game is accompanied by lots of parody, it is actually a very hilarious game. In Douchebag Workout you have a character that is less attractive and very weak, so your task is to workout and make the character strong by eating good diet and hard workout.

To play the game, your target first is to become an ultimate douchebag. To achieve your aim, you should workout such that you become as attractive as possible to the girls. You’re going to impress girls the most if you have your muscles grown. To do this, you will have to take the protein shakes and supplements to fuel your muscle grown and to tan yourself to bronze color. You’re going to see how the gym works in this case as well as to have the opportunity of being the VIP member of community. The "Mouse", "Arrow" keys and "Spacebar" are the tool options to use in playing the game.

Douchebag Workout is composed of several levels of achievements every time you make progress. For example, there are levels, whereby you are to beat bodybuilder competition, levels where you have to become the VIP club member in this case because you may be in need of getting the impression from ladies. There are levels where you have to develop a social network so as to reveal your progress to the world.

In douchebag life game series, the controls is the most important part. You need to use your keyboard buttons, must press different combinations to do some hard workout. This is because:

Some training will require the "Up" and "Down" arrow keys

There will be rounds, where you are to use "Left" and "Right" arrow keys with "Space".


Douchebag Workout has whole new 10 level, and all of them require different work from you to be a popular and a big guy. Let’s talk about the levels.

For the first three levels, you are to get more mass on your body and to train your character so as to make little progress in bodybuilding. Besides, you need to shop for new things, like glasses. You also need to change your haircut. As a result of these, you get a new girlfriend, this will seem to be less attractive, yet it is just the beginning of this excellent game Douchebag Workout.

Having gone through a challenging start, still, there will be more amazing changes in the next three levels of the game. Here, you will in addition be required to workout hard and amass more big muscles to gain more weight.

Apart from this, you are to use bronze to change your skin's color to get more impressions from girls. If you tighten your socks at this level, you're going to get membership of the douchebag club as well as gain a new polo shirt, this is now the symbol of the douchebag life.

Finally, you should really workout hard to grow every muscle on your body. In this case, there is need to be very patient. To accomplish this tough task, you should train each part of your body with different gem equipment, besides, you are to workout until your body shape and size is excellent to win bodybuilding competition and gain a pretty girlfriend.

So, in conclusion we can say, that the game Douchebag Workout is a good guide, on how to become the most popular and attractive person, how to take care about yourself, how to lead a healthy lifestyle, teaches you to be patient and also teaches, that no matter how hard work, you must do to achieve your aim, with a strong desire everything is possible. We can honestly tell that this game is for real man. See you in the Gym.

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